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Leroux Brothers, Inc.
1369 Glover Road
Barton, VT 05822

toll-free 1.800.420.4330
local 1.802.525.4330
fax 1.802.525.3116


Proud member
of the Barton Chamber
of Commerce. 


Transmission diagrams courtesy and copyright the ATSG

At Leroux Brothers, our specialty is rebuilding automatic transmissions. We do this for all types and sizes of vehicles, from large industrial, to compact hybrids. We remain fascinated with automatic transmissions, as well as the continued engineering efforts to increase performance. However, as automatic transmissions become even more complicated, we sometimes notice ripples of inconsistency in design and build quality.

This is why a Leroux Certified Rebuilt Transmission is worth the investment. Not only do we install a painstakingly rebuilt transmission, but we also take pains to correct and improve your transmission in the process.

In addition to our core transmission business we also handle all manner of vehhicle repair. From tires to antennas, from the radiator to the rear bumper, from engines to steering wheels...we repair motorized vehicles.

  • Computer based Diagnostics
  • Vermont State Inspection Station
  • Tire Replacement and Wheel Balancing
  • Oil, Lube and Filter updates
  • Exhaust and Mufflers
  • Suspension Components, Shocks and Struts

ATSG Trans Diagrams